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We are Rare Teas, purveyors of the finest Nepali teas for the connoisseur.

Tea farm

Browse our pages to find the finest teas direct from the Himalayas of Nepal. With a presence both there and in the UK (we supply worldwide), we offer you a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the best - and rarest - teas in the world.

And the reason we can do this? Whenever possible, our partner in Nepal makes the difficult trip (the last several kilometres of which are off-road) to renew their relationship with the tea farmers and purchase the delicate leaves face to face.

Some of our Rare Teas may be new to you but if they pique your interest, all are available in packs starting at just 25g so you can try them all.

Himalayan white tea

You will also find quality glass and porcelain teaware to help get the best from your tea, not to mention serving it in an appropriate style.

Please enjoy the web site and the teas.

Please Note

  • At present we can only supply some teas in the larger packs. We are expanding the range of smaller packs as quickly as we can - please register your interest if you would like a smaller pack of any teas where they're not currently available.

  • All larger packs of tea are currently despatched directly from Nepal. This helps keep the price down considerably. However, the delivery time can be long - anything up to a month, although a week to 10 days is more normal. Despatch is by courier and tracking is available. We appreciate your patience!