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Laptop with WiFi Shield

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Wi-fi is an integral part of our lives nowadays but whilst we derive many benefits from the technology which we would be very reluctant to abandon, we must understand that every single device emits radiated electromagnetism and its accumulative effect exposes us to an excess - in other words an "overdose" - which we must remedy before it affects our immune system.

Many Governments have already invoked restrictions as a result of research to help curb their citizens' exposure to the effects of electromagnetism, especially on children; some examples are France, Germany, Israel and Australia. Just because we can't actually see electromagnetism it doesn't mean that it isn't there. We can't see the air we breathe either but we don't question its presence! Everyone is affected by electromagnetic fields (EMFs) because human beings are themselves bioelectrical systems, although we experience individual levels of sensitivity.

The wi-fiShields are natural products only 28mm (just over 1 inch) in diameter, highly effective yet require no technical skill and do not interfere with functionality; they are quick and easy to fit using their own in-built strong adhesive pad and require no wires or batteries. wi-fiShields are suitable for all devices or appliance powered electrically and safe to use by all ages once fitted (in loose form they should be kept away from infants although if accidentally ingested they are non-toxic) wi-fi Shields should be used on as many of the following devices as possible because their collective response can be very effective in lowering the intensity and toxicity of the electromagnetic environment. They are listed in priority because of wave frequency, radiation intensity or user proximity.