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How do I fit my PhoneShield and Wi-FiShield?

Simply open the packaging, take out the shield, remove the backing and press the powerful adhesive pad firmly to the back of your handset or to the lid of your laptop computer. On your PC, attach it to the reverse of your monitor screen.

Will they work on my model of mobile phone?

Yes. They work on all mobile phones and require no batteries or power source.

Will my PhoneShield interfere with my television, hi-fi or mobile phone?

No. The shields do not interfere with the performance (transmission or reception) of any equipment.

Will my PhoneShield wear out, lose its effectiveness and need replacing?

No. The PhoneShield and Wi-FiShield do not wear out. The active component is manufactured from natural crystals and, providing that the capsules remain undamaged, will maintain their effectiveness for many years.

Are the PhoneShield and The Wi-FiShield safe to use?

They are absolutely safe to use and suitable for adults and children. The micro-crystals are non-toxic and harmless if accidentally swallowed.

Does the PhoneShield work if I use a hands-free kit?

In tests conducted by The Consumer Association it reported that the use of a hands-free kit does not necessarily reduce the level of radiation to which the user is exposed and' in certain circumstances, can actually increase the concentration of the effect of radiation. Despite this, The PhoneShield will work by attaching it to the handset in the normal way.

How do I know if The PhoneShield is working?

Installation of The PhoneShield does not affect the operation of your mobile phone so you will not notice any change in the way it works. Feedback from tests clearly denotes that people have different levels of sensitivity to radiation and respond in different ways to its effects. The benefit for many will become apparent from an absence or reduction in unpleasant side effects particularly from constant use.

Is The PhoneShield similar to other products on the market?

No. The PhoneShield and Wi-FiShield use totally new technology in protecting against mobile phone and computer VDU radiation. Unlike some 'so-called' radiation protection devices currently on the market, The PhoneShield does not attempt to stop or limit the level of radiation. With mobile phones radiation is an essential part of the technology without which there can be no transmission or reception. The harder a mobile phone has to work to achieve reception the higher the level of radiation. Instead, The PhoneShield works by emitting its own low frequency signal, which intercepts and cancels the phone's pulsed frequency pattern alleviating its harmful effect on the brain and the body's biological system.

So how does The Quartz PhoneShield work?

The PhoneShield does not attempt to control the level or intensity of radiation as measured and described as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This industry standard deals only with thermal effects from using mobile phones. The two wave frequencies employed by mobile phones at 8.34Hz and 2HZ correspond with frequencies of electrical oscillations found in the human brain, specifically in the alpha and delta ranges. As a result, even at a very low intensity, incoming radiation can disturb the natural endogenous biological function of the human system and trigger an adverse cellular response. The brain behaves much like a radio set used at home which is tuned to a programme. When an electrical appliance using the same frequency is brought near, interference occurs and reception distorts.

What do the experts say?

In 1999 the Government set up the Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones (IEGMP) which reported in 2000 under the Chairmanship of Sir William Stewart. This 160 page report (considered by many as "played down" in view of the lucrative auction of third generation wave bands), argued that it "could not rule out the existence of a potential health threat from mobile phones" and that, pending the outcome of further research, "a precautionary approach" with regard to the use of mobile phone technologies be adopted. It recommended restricted use particularly by children whose underdeveloped systems could be more susceptible to absorption and longer lifetime of exposure. A study published in May 2002 by the Department of Trade and Industry showed that devices to cut radiation from mobile phones can "significantly reduce" exposure to potentially harmful radiation. This was followed in June by the results of a groundbreaking, two-year study by scientists at the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland claiming that radiation from mobile phones can harm the brain. After carrying out tests for the first time on human cells rather than rats, the scientists found that even low-level emissions from handsets could damage the natural safety barrier protecting the brain from harmful substances in the blood. In 2005 the Board of the National Radiological Protection Board (now part of the Health Protection Agency) published a major document on mobile phones and health. It updated Sir William Stewart's earlier report and said that, while that there is no hard evidence at present that the health of the public, in general, is being affected adversely by the use of mobile phone technologies, uncertainties remain and a continued precautionary approach to their use is recommended.

What scientific proof is there that The PhoneShield works?

The PhoneShield technology was successfully tested by independent experts in Great Britain at the respected Coghill Research Laboratories, which specialises in bio-electromagnetics (the science of investigating the interaction of electricity and magnetism with organic life). Eminent scientist and founder of the Coghill Research Laboratories, Roger Coghill, reported that the PhoneShield crystal resonator "is effective in mitigating the detrimental biological effects of cell phone radiation and thus affords significant protection". Roger Coghill is an acknowledged expert on electro magnetic radiation and gave evidence to the IEGMP. His tests proved that the biological damage to healthy human white blood cells by exposure to mobile phone radiation was reduced using The PhoneShield.

I am concerned. What are all the possible side effects from mobile phone radiation and phone masts?

Possible side effects include nausea, fatigue, reduced concentration, tiredness, headaches, blurred vision, short term memory loss, muscle weakness and an impaired immune system. In addition, some scientists are concerned that such radiation may cause cancer, brain tumours and early senility.

What does the Government say about radiation from mobiles etc?

Although it does not make public statement about definite risk, the DTI (now the BERR) sponsored a testing report into SAR (thermal radiation) shielding technologies in June 2001. The World Health Organisation has recommended that a precautionary approach should be adopted by government and suggests that individuals might wish to limit their own or their children's exposure to radiation if they are concerned. It also supports further research on the topic.

Why can the radiation from mobiles be harmful?

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) play an essential role in the control of the biological activities of a human being. Our natural state of good health and feeling of well being prevails when our biological activity is in balance. The penetrative nature of electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones can intrude and disturb the human EMF and create a biological imbalance that interferes with the body's natural equilibrium. As a result, we may experience poor health and potential breakdown of immune response. At first, we are likely to notice such symptoms fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, short-term memory loss, distorted vision, confusion and loss of strength. When we travel by plane or visit a hospital we are instructed to turn off our mobile phone and laptop computer because of the danger of interference that affects the normal functioning of sensitive instruments and electronic equipment. The same interference can affect humans since our biological activity is the most highly sophisticated and sensitive of all instruments.

Mobile phones and their 'cancer causing' qualities have been in the press a lot recently, what exactly has the most recent research (by the WHO) found?Why is there an emphasis on the biological effect of radiation?

Although there have been hundreds of Independent Reports and Scientific Studies published over recent years which have concluded that mobile phones can cause harmful health conditions there has been a policy for the industry and allied interests to try and discredit these findings and maintain that the technology is harmless. Government health agencies have also been reluctant to interfere one assumes because of the very substantial revenues it receives. Mounting public concern has forced the World Health Organisation International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to commission a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries to examine and review all the available evidence and as a result "has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use."

What can mobile phone users do to reduce the risk of EMR from their phones?

In today's technological society, with increasing numbers of wireless devices all emitting EMR, we live in a polluted environment which makes it is virtually impossible to escape its effects. Existing safety standards mostly relate to the thermal effect of radiation which is measured in SAR (specific absorption rate) values and recommended precautionary measures rely on minimal use of mobiles and wifi devices and when using them increasing one's distance from them; for example to avoid holding a mobile or cordless phone against one's head and using the speaker phone, or texting instead of speaking, but these measures still require users to be in bodily contact or in close proximity with the phone, the source of radiation, with insufficient distance from it to escape its intrusive effects. The BMA reports radiation effects recorded as far as 2 meters from the source and scientists from Columbia University maintain that SAR level is not a valid basis for safety standards.

Exactly how do shields, like phone and Wi-Fi shields, work?

One needs to realise that human beings are themselves bio electrical systems with hearts and brains regulated by internal bioelectrical (EMR) signals communicating via pathways in the nervous system. Increased exposure to overpowering EMR frequencies causes interference with healthy biological functions. This is referred to as the non thermal biological effect - it is the most harmful effect of radiation because of its specific cellular reactions to potentially harmful stimuli. Safety standards and precautions should concentrate on suppressing the biological effect at source upon emission of radiation by the phone or wifi device. The Shields are specifically designed to suppress the biological effects of radiation and thereby help alleviate any unhealthy side effects.

What is the technology that is used in them and how does that work?

Although developed and manufactured in the UK the technology is based on NASA's use of quartz crystals because of their sensitivity to radiation which affects precision guidance and control systems in space flight. Quartz Shields are technically crystal oscillators that use the mechanical resonance of vibrating crystals to create electrical signals. They contain a processed matrix of natural quartz crystals which characteristically possess piezoelectric properties that develop an electric potential upon the application of mechanical stress; this occurs when the Shield is attached to an electronic device such as a mobile phone or wifi device. As a result a stress response stimulates a protective reaction and intrusive elements are intercepted, diffused and reconverted into healthy energy.

What sort of effects and benefits do they have?

In clinical questionnaires received from customers who have purchased Quartz Shield products, of those reporting conditions caused by EMR from mobile phones or wifi, 84% benefitted from fitting Quartz Shields and achieved relief from one or more of the following conditions some of which it is possible had a potential for developing into more serious long term illnesses, including malignant tumours, due to breakdowns in the immune systems.

Headaches – fatigue – reduced concentration – dizziness – memory loss – tinnitus – sleep disorders – depression – spatial disorientation – allergies – nausea – eye problems - anxiety

Trials have also shown the Shields to be successful helping to optimise performance in stressful activities which need to focus on concentration – typically competitive sport. This is because piezoelectricity, the active property of natural quartz, neutralises accumulated residual electromagnetic interference in the intracellular pathways of the nervous system allowing clearer and faster reactions between thought processes and activity.

Are these types of shields becoming more popular? If so, why do you think this is?

There is undoubtedly greater awareness and recognition of the dangers of EMR and an increased demand for a product that can be trusted to provide a defence against the potential harmful effects associated with using a mobile phone and wireless device. A better understanding of the non thermal biological effects of EMR encourages people to want something tangible and proactive that can be shown to provide actual precautionary benefits in a practical cost effective way. There should be no desire to ban wireless technology but to adapt and harness it so that it never becomes a major source of illness.

Is it just mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices that cause such radiation problems, or are there other household devices that have similar risks?

Wherever electricity passes an electromagnetic field of radiation is created but its intensity and harmful potential is restricted by sheathing. The problem has been caused by the introduction of wireless technology which emits unrestricted electromagnetic fields and creates harmful potential particularly where appliances emit continuous pulse waves when equipment is left permanently on standby. Examples of this are mobile phones, cordless (DECT) telephones, baby monitors but all gadgets or devices that rely on transmission or reception of electronic information without a wired connection contribute to electromagnetic pollution of the environment and will benefit from being fitted with the appropriate Quartz Shield.

Finally, who is most at risk of radiation and what problems can it cause (health-wise)?

Individual sensitivity to EMR varies from person to person and since insidious illnesses like cancer can take decades to materialise without apparent early symptoms even those who claim not to be sensitive can be affected in the long term. Recent Resolutions by the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly and the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection call for awareness campaigns about the potential risk of harmful long-term biological effects especially targeting children and teenagers who are considered even more vulnerable than adults because of their under developed immune systems and softer brain tissue which is more susceptible to EMF penetration. The Russian resolution highlights a big increase in morbidity among young people aged 15 to 19 years from mobile phone use. Others considered especially vulnerable are expectant women whose babies have developed impaired attention and hyperactivity which German scientists have put down to significant variations in concentrations of certain stress related hormones caused by mobile phone EMR.

Experts now agree that there is strong evidence of the harmful non-thermal biological effect of radiation, yet only official tests to identify and measure the thermal effect using Specific Absorption Rates (SAR's) have been Government approved. These very limited tests however are of no assistance in assessing the biological noxiousness of the radiation.

Shouldn't my employer be buying PhoneShields and Wi-FiShields for our office?

Many employers are now concerned at the possible side effects of radiation from computers and mobiles and are purchasing shields from us. They know that they have a duty of care towards their employees, who frequently must use mobiles, computers and other electronic equipment daily to do their jobs effectively.

I do not want to buy my PhoneShield online. Which retailers stock them?

PhoneShield is available from many independent pharmacies, leading department stores such as Selfridges and Harrods as well as natural health stores like Fresh& Wild.

Is anyone of any note using these products?

Yes. Among the first users of The PhoneShield was Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger who also recommended that all his players fit the device to their mobile phones. Wenger made the suggestion after a training session in November when a PhoneShield representative performed a simple kinesiology test on him, showing how using a mobile phone without the protection of a PhoneShield saps one's strength. Arsène Wenger said that he was recommending use of The PhoneShield to players and fans as a "precautionary measure" against mobile phone radiation.